I woke up to Siri telling us to take our next exit off the highway. Sitting in the passenger seat, I looked at the map. We were a few minutes away from our destination, a fabled fishing lodge tucked into the Catskills of southern New York. River birch lined the bumpy road and I rolled down the window to take in the air. It was cool and clean, and I could smell the spring rain that was looming overhead… a welcome relief from the already above-average temps. We found our friends waiting for us on the front porch of the cabin, waders on and lines rigged up. We had arrived at the West Branch of the Upper Delaware River, and it was time to fish.

My fiancé and I were joining two friends up there who had fished these waters for the last few years. Enamored with the river after their first trip, they find themselves returning whenever they can. The West Branch holds high regard here on the east coast. It’s big-river fishing for elusive, smart, and large brown and rainbow trout. The highly technical dry-fly fishing attracts anglers from around the country, and the waters tend to humble even the most seasoned fly fisher. I was told by many to keep my expectations low but my spirits high. 

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