A Little More about me

I’m a freelance photographer and writer based out of Colorado, where I live with my wife and dog. I focus my work on the highly physical, experiential, and gripping visual stories in the outdoors. My photographic style has been described as cinematic and documentarian. I don't like to focus too much on a single subject, but I do find that I'm consistently drawn to a few themes: open spaces, wildlife conservation, and adventure. Oh and I'm a sucker for modern architecture and design that reflect nature + simplicity.

We're all too often inundated with a seemingly endless stream of visual content vying for our attention, but if you'd like to take a few minutes out of your day to explore some of my stories and the rest of my portfolio, I'd be more than grateful. It's no Hemingway, but I think you'll enjoy.

Thanks for visiting my site. Reach out, I'd love to connect.


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